Boomerang Come Back
In the Pink 2
In The Pink
All The Time And Now
A Poet Sang
Sunset On An Enchanted Hill
'Snapshot No.230521’
Coming Back With Green Minty Shadows
Eyes Over A Lavender Lake
Under A Bridge With Pink Fields
Somebodies In The Rain
The Secret
Themselves In Dark Small Places
'Waiting For The Light To Come Round Again'
Ice No.08
Oil based Monoprint No.02
'Early One Morning'
And in Pink with Grey
Outside the Cathedral - Day
Composition no.1
Composition no.3
'White To Black To Boom To Back'
'Black And White With Grey Areas'
Autumn In
When Light Falls
Everywhere And Here
Tow Path
monoprint 05
Ice Morning Rises
In Land and Light
Themselves All Around
Touched By An Angel
At Land
End of a Journey
Watching At The Harbour
Edges In and Edges Out
In Light of Day
In and Out of Blue
Forest Walk
Ice Corris Past
Ice Morning in Light
Red In Abstract
Edge of Ice