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Abstract No.070724 'In Sun We Shine'
Abstract No 0224
Warm in Sun Before the Cooling Shower
Still Life in Blue Room
Sunset Harbour
Abstract No.270624
Morning Harbour Walk
Harmony with Yellow
Colour Harmony No.1621
'Blue' Still Life No.100724
Peurto Bilboa
Blue (objects) 2
Abstract No.260624
Composition No. 210524
Dawn Light
Still Life No.0924
Tangerine Bobs Bright in Warm Light
Seeing it Through Lemon Eyes
Colour Harmony No.0724
Come Sun
Early Morning Harbour
Abstract 100224
Composition 1121
Still Life No.21
Still Life in Cornflower Blue
'Coming Back With Green Minty Shadows'
Still Life
Come Snow
In The Pink
In the Pink 2
'Themselves In Dark Small Places'
'And In Pink, With Grey'
'Outside The Cathedral At The End Of The Day'
Still Life with Lemon Shadows SOLD
Sunrise on ice
'Somebodies, In The Rain' SOLD
'Sunset On An Enchanted Hill' SOLD
'A Lavender Lake'
Still Life in Sage Green
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